Meet Nisha G. Williams, Esq

Attorney Nisha G. Williams smiling sitting outside the Granville County, NC courthouse.

She is a driven and accomplished North Carolina attorney who has aspired for justice in her state for ten years and counting. She currently works as a Staff Attorney at the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, has served as Chairwoman of the Durham County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (DCJC) since 2017 and a board member since 2015.

She is a community organizer that exemplifies equity and social justice values. Nisha made history when she secured the first pre-trial, formal restorative justice program for a violent felony in North Carolina, paving the way for future criminal justice reform. 

She has served as an advocate for her clients in criminal and family court for nine years as the Managing Attorney for the Law Office of Nisha G. Williams PLLC. Nisha provides resources and trainings to best serve communities with marginalized identities and victims of crime on topics such as custody and domestic violence, best practices on serving marginalized identities,  racial equity, confidentiality, juvenile justice, restorative justice, and their intersectionalities. 

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