Fancy Baby

Young Nisha, age 4 looking at the camera.

At 4 o’clock on 2.22.84 Nisha Gloria was born in General Hospital located in Port of Spain, Trinidad 🇹🇹 to a Registered Nurse & Policeman. Little did she know that by 5 she would be living in Brooklyn & needed to know all things American. She came to NY with her mom and 2 younger siblings. By 10 she moved from the BK to North Carolina. She moved there with her mom & stepdad & 3 younger siblings. In NC she lived on an animal farm and lived that country girl nerd life. Finally it was time to leave home at 18 for college. She wasted no time being grown bc within a year she gave birth to her own child Louis Blanton at the age of 19. For the last 17 years she has raised a whole child as well as graduated college, law school, and excelled in the practice of law. She has lost, she has loved, she has cried and she has smiled. As a perfectionist I am often dismayed at where I am but that’s because I’ve failed to appreciate who I am and where I’ve come from. I’m happy to be 36. I love who I have become. If I could tell baby Nisha anything it’s that this life is yours and you should live it for yourself and not anyone else!#babyfancy #thatfancylife #aboutme

Nisha Williams looking into the light above smiling.

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